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About Bombitup MOD APK

If you want to send text messages in bulk, you can use the BombitUp MOD APK. Using this app, you can send thousands of text messages to your friends and family without showing your number. This is the latest version of Android.

Additionally, you can send thousands of text messages to international numbers. This way, you can prank and annoy your friends by sending them a series of messages.

The most interesting thing about this app is that your own identity is not revealed in it. You can get this done together. If you are using this app for entertainment purposes only, you are completely safe.

The BombitUp APK is only available for Android users. The BombitUp app for iOS is still in development. However, iOS developers are rapidly developing it. Keep checking here for updates. Whenever the iOS version of the app is released,. We’ll upload it here.


BOMBitUP is an app for pranking friends by sending text messages. The app allows messages to be sent to friends or family, but it can also be used to send the same message to different numbers for marketing purposes.

Mass messaging is available in India, the UK, Nepal, the Philippines, Pakistan, the US, and Bangladesh. Limits on the messages that can be sent vary by country. For example, in India, you can send up to 150 messages at a time. In the UK, US, and Bangladesh, the limit is 25 people, while in Nepal and the Philippines, it is 40 people. In Pakistan, you can send up to 30 messages.

The app doesn’t use your data bill, so you can send messages at your leisure. You can choose how quickly messages are sent, between 1.5 seconds and 3.5 seconds. The default speed is 2.5 seconds because 1.5 seconds might be too fast.

So, if you want to prank someone by sending a lot of text messages, you can download the APK of BOMBitUP.

Features of Bombitup MOD APK

SMS bomb
If you want to harass your friends, then you can use this app to send text bombs to their phones. You can send them endless text messages. As a result, they will be very irritated because they will receive countless text messages and their mobile phones will ring from time to time. This app works very similar to WhatsApp Pro

You might think you have to pay for the app. But you are wrong. You can use this application to send text messages to your friends for free.

International positioning
Using this app, you can send text messages to international numbers, including the United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines, and more. This feature makes this app more popular.

Call bomber
Did you know you can make unlimited calls to any number you want? This app is all in one. Using this app you can send unlimited text messages and make unlimited calls.

bombitup apk download 2023

Be consistent
Your identity remains hidden when you send unlimited calls and text messages. No one has been able to trace the real number or real person who sent the text bomb.

Email bomber
Most people don’t know about this feature that allows you to send email bombs. This is a very good facility for marketing products.

Whatsapp bomber
This app is best for WhatsApp marketing. You can also send bulk SMS easily in WhatsApp. SMS bombs are very powerful because WhatsApp has blocking options. When you send spam, you will be blocked.

Pros And Cons of Bombitup MOD APK


  1. Hilarity Unleashed:
    • Engage in unlimited fun with text and call pranks, delivering laughter galore.
  2. User-Friendly Interface:
  3. Customization Options:
    • Personalize your pranks with customizable settings, adding a unique touch to each joke.
  4. Anonymity Assured:
    • Enjoy anonymous messaging, ensuring your identity remains a secret during the pranking process.
  5. Cost-Free Entertainment:
    • One of the best parts? It’s completely free, offering endless amusement without breaking the bank.
  6. Regular Updates:
    • Stay tuned for new features and improvements, ensuring a continually enjoyable user experience.
BOMBitUP  APK latest version


  1. Privacy Concerns:
    • The app’s focus on anonymity may raise privacy concerns, especially in sensitive situations.
  2. Overuse Risks:
    • Excessive pranking could strain relationships; users should be mindful of the frequency and recipients.
  3. Limited Operating System Compatibility:
    • While available for Android, users on other operating systems may miss out on the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is BOMBitUP APK, and how does it work?
  • BOMBitUP APK is a free Android app that lets you play harmless pranks on friends by sending multiple texts and making funny calls. It’s all about spreading joy and laughter!
  1. Is the BOMBITUP APK free to use?
  • Absolutely! BOMBitUP APK is entirely free, allowing you to enjoy endless entertainment without any subscription fees.
  1. How do I download and install BOMBitUP APK on my Android device?
  • Visit the official website or a trusted app store, locate the BOMBitUP APK file, and follow the simple installation instructions. It’s quick and easy!
  1. Can I personalize the pranks on the BOMBitUP APK?
  • Yes, you can! BOMBitUP APK lets you customize your pranks with various settings, adding a personal touch to your messages and calls.
  1. Are there any subscriptions or paid features in the BOMBitUP APK?
  • No, the BOMBitUP APK is completely free to use, with no hidden subscriptions or paid features. It’s all about having fun without any extra costs.
  1. How to earn points in the BOMBitUP APK?
  • BOMBitUP APK operates on a point system for certain features. You can earn points by using the app regularly and participating in fun activities within the app.
  1. Can I play pranks on anyone, or do they need to have the app too?
  • You can prank anyone with the BOMBitUP APK! The recipient doesn’t need the app for the pranks to work. It adds an element of surprise!
  1. Is BOMBitUP APK safe for kids to use?
  • While the app is designed for harmless fun, parents need to supervise and ensure responsible use, as with any digital entertainment.
  1. What should I do if I encounter issues with the Bombitup MOD APK?
  • If you face any problems, check for updates or reinstall the app. For further assistance, you can visit the official support page or community forums.
  1. Can I suggest new features for the Bombitup MOD APK?
  • Absolutely! BOMBitUP APK welcomes user suggestions. Connect with the community or reach out to the developers to share your ideas for even more exciting pranking possibilities!


BOMBitUP APK stands out as a top choice for Android users seeking playful amusement. With an intuitive interface and customization options, it offers a user-friendly experience for all ages. Despite its popularity, the app prioritizes user privacy, ensuring anonymous fun without compromising security. The overwhelmingly positive reviews highlight its success, with a stellar rating of 4.2/5. Boasting millions of downloads, it’s clear that BOMBitUP APK has become a go-to for those in search of light-hearted laughter. This RomReviewer-created app continues to bring joy, making it a necessity for online mischief.

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