Rise of Eros MOD APK Download

Rise of Eros is an RPG for adults. Regarding the quality of its graphics, this game is one of the most advanced on Android. The story of Rise of Eros takes place on the continent of Diana. The god Eros and the goddess Aphrodite were two gods that humans created there thousands of years ago out of their most intense desires. As time passed, more and more gods were born until they died fighting in the Great God War. Eros won this battle but found himself sealed in an ancient relic.

Thousands of years later, many civilizations managed to emerge and prosper despite the absence of gods. Here enters the game’s protagonist, Inase, who attempts to bring her lover back to life and, in doing so, accidentally breaks the seal of the relic and awakens Eros, who then takes on new mistresses. Tries to regain his powers.