FRND Download

FRND Mod APK is a changed version of the popular FRND friendship app. It offers all of the same features, but with bonus tweaks that let you access more for free.

The regular FRND app connects you with new friends across India. You can video call, voice chat, play games, and give virtual gifts. Some features require you to pay real money though. And there are also ads that interrupt the app sometimes.

The FRND Mod APK is changed to remove all those costs and annoyances. Everything becomes free to access. All the gifts, games, and other extras are now unlocked. And the ads totally disappear, so nothing disrupts your experience.

It’s like a “premium” version of FRND that saves you money. Someone has modified the app’s code to remove payments and ads. So you get the full VIP experience but pay absolutely nothing. No coins, diamonds or rupees are required!

The Mod APK does the same main job as regular FRND – helps you make friends. Except now you have way more fun-free features to enjoy with your new connections! No fees or advertising in your way.