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About Lantern APK

Lantern APK Better Than VPN is an application that allows you to browse the Internet freely without the usual restrictions imposed by countries or certain websites. The best part is that you will be able to do it with just the press of a button, without needing any type of setup or registration. You won’t even need to agree to any specific terms.

Another nice feature of Lantern is that it offers a complete “news feed” in one of the app’s tabs. From the same window, you can activate your VPN or check the latest news on Reddit, Buzzfeed, BBC, or RT. By tapping on any news article, you will, of course, have access to that content from within the app.

Lantern Apk

Lantern is a great alternative to other traditional VPN apps, and it stands out primarily for being incredibly simple to use. Just press and you’re done. Watching the latest news from around the world at the same time as you turn on your VPN is another amazing feature that is a bonus.

Lantern: The Internet is open to everyone. Download the free Lantern VPN app to instantly enjoy fast, private, and secure internet access. Free Internet access is available worldwide. This user-friendly VPN app for Android has earned the trust of 200 million users across the web and apps worldwide. 🚀Fastest and 🛡️Most Secure VPN.

🥇 World leading VPN service from the USA with 200 million downloads
💯 Endorsed by the Wall Street Journal and South China Morning Post
🏆 Trusted VPN with over 10 years of experience in the international market


Features of Lantern Apk

✅ Browse the internet privately without being tracked and become invisible
When you are connected to our VPN, your online activities, including websites visited and files downloaded, remain hidden. We strictly adhere to a no-logging policy, which independent auditors have verified. Because our service hides your IP address, you become a private VPN browser every time you use it to connect, creating a VPN shield that makes you invisible to hackers.

✅ Fast connectivity with Lantern VPN
Our newly developed VPN protocol, Lantern VPN, is built on a high-tech security system, providing fast speeds and strong privacy.

✅ Secure use on public Wi-Fi networks
Experiencing unsecured Wi-Fi at your favorite coffee shop? Secure your online connection with LanternVPN to ensure your information stays private while you stay productive.

✅ Protection against virus and malware threats
Browse the web with confidence with Threat Protection Lite, block access to malicious websites and protect your device from potential botnet connections.

✅ Protect sensitive data
With LanternVPN, your online traffic is routed through a secure encrypted tunnel, protecting it from cyber threats attempting to compromise your private information.

Why choose Lantern APK Pro (VPN app and VPN software):

  • Fast data center
  • VPN protocol: OpenVPN
  • Unlimited data for unlimited Internet access
  • no logs
  • Connect up to three devices
  • no ads
  • Multiple access to our customer support team via GitHub, social media, email, etc.

Lantern Pro: Avoid all forms of interception, get Lantern Pro, and benefit from the best interception resistance available with the highest speeds and unlimited data! Buy a one- or two-year plan and get unlimited access anytime!

Ready to enjoy the #1 VPN with a better, more secure, and more open internet experience?

Install the Lantern app and start your free trial by increasing your online security with just one click. Relax, connect to Lantern VPN, and enjoy secure and private internet access.

Download for free now!

Pros And Cons of the Lantern App


  1. Free Gaming Paradise: Lantern APK gifts you a galaxy of games without spending a dime.
  2. User-Friendly Bliss: Simple, intuitive design ensures even tech newbies are masters of the game.
  3. Endless Variety: From puzzles to adventures, Lantern Apk boasts a game for every taste and mood.
  4. Play Anywhere: No Wi-Fi? No problem! Lantern Apk lets you play your favorites offline.
  5. Upgrades Galore: Regular updates bring fresh features and keep boredom at bay.


  1. Limited Mega Games: Missing the blockbuster titles but offering a solid array of enjoyable games.
  2. In-App Ads: A few ads might pop up, a small price for a free gaming extravaganza.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Lantern APK, and how does it work?

  • Lantern APK is a platform offering a collection of free Android games. To play, download the app, install it, and explore a world of gaming joy.

2. Are all the games on Lantern APK free?

  • Yes! Lantern Apk provides a variety of games without any cost, making it a fantastic free gaming haven for Android users.

3. How can I play games on Lantern Apk offline?

  • Simply download your favorite games when you have an internet connection. Once downloaded, you can enjoy them offline, anytime, anywhere.

4. Can I upgrade my games on Lantern Apk?

  • Certainly! Regular updates bring fresh features and improvements to keep your gaming experience exciting and up-to-date.

5. Are there subscriptions or paid points on Lantern Apk?

  • No subscriptions or paid points required! Lantern Apk is dedicated to providing free gaming enjoyment without any hidden costs.

6. How do I navigate through Lantern Apk?

  • Lantern Apk boasts a user-friendly interface. Simply open the app, browse the game collection, and tap to start playing.

7. Are there any ads on Lantern Apk?

  • While there might be a few ads, they are minimal and a small trade-off for the fantastic gaming content offered for free.

8. Can I find popular blockbuster games on Lantern Apk?

  • While Lantern Apk may not have all the mega titles, it offers a diverse selection of enjoyable games for all ages.

9. How often are new games added to Lantern Apk?

  • Expect frequent updates! Lantern Apk ensures a steady stream of fresh games and features to keep you entertained.

10. Is Lantern Apk suitable for kids?

  • Absolutely! With a range of games catering to different interests, Lantern APK is a kid-friendly platform for endless gaming fun.


Lantern Apk the go-to for free Android gaming, brings joy to millions! With a stellar 4.1/5 rating, rave reviews, and over 10 million downloads, it’s a gaming sensation. Developed by Team Lantern, this treasure trove of games offers a diverse, family-friendly experience. Explore the world of fun with Lantern Apk where every tap unlocks a world of entertainment! 🌟

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