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About Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK– Are you ready to take on criminals and fight corruption? Do you want an action-packed game with a super cool hero? If yes, then this action-fighting adventure, Duarte Fighting Crime 2 Mod APK, will be the best way to spend your free and boring time. Note that here you will get unlimited money and ammo.

Here in this game, you are the President of the Philippines, who now has the task of fighting against bandits, gangsters, and corrupt people in close-quarters battles on the streets.

Dirterte is your character in the game. He is the president of the Philippines and has now decided that he will take care of crime himself. So he takes out his gun and hits the road to fight against all the terrorists, criminals, and other corrupt people. You will contribute to this by completing epic shooting tasks.

duterte fighting crime 2 mod apk

Here in the game, you can move forward and backward, and when you approach your enemies, you have to shoot them with high-explosive guns and amazing weapons. There are many real weapons in this Duarte Fighting Crime 2 mod apk that you can unlock and acquire. So why wait?


Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this Duarte Fighting Crime 2 Mod APK is very addictive but simple, unlike Dead Cells. All you have to do is complete the shooting tasks by shooting different characters. You have the help of different weapons with different types of amazing powers.

Apart from shooting guns, in this game, you can also have different types of power-ups that you can shoot at your enemies at a specific time. With this, your character becomes the president of the country as well as a superhero.

In addition to the above accessories, you can also summon henchmen to fight against the hordes of enemies. They are very happy, and yet they fight tooth and nail.

Features of Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK

Some of the best features of the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod APK are given below.

different types of enemies
So what you can expect from this game is a variety of enemies with interesting designs, each with their own superpowers and combat abilities. And as you progress through the game, the skill level and difficulty of your enemies increase.

high score competition
Although the game itself is not a multiplayer game, you can compete with your friends at different score levels while connected to social networks. You can see where you rank among your friends and how you can perform well to reach the top spot on the leaderboard.

duterte fighting crime 2 mod apk download

various unique weapons
Don’t worry about the amazing weapons in this game; you get everything from the M4 to the rocket launcher and the rocket launcher to the machine gun. You can earn money by completing tasks and use that money to buy guns and firearms for your character.

transform into a superhero
You can also transform your character into a superhero like Goku and other manga heroes by throwing power-ups. This will give you an extra advantage because these heroes’ powers and their attacks deal much more damage than guns.

ask for help
You can also ask for help, and various other characters will come and fight alongside you using their powers. You can also change your character on the list of different politicians.

fight zombies
Here, you can fight zombies, but be careful; zombies can attack you by surprise. They can come in groups or alone. Have powerful weapons to defend them and kill them. You can also ask for help.

Pros And Cons of Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK


  1. Immersive Gameplay: Dive into an engaging gaming world where you can experience the thrill of fighting crime firsthand.
  2. Strategic Challenges: The game offers a mix of strategic challenges, enhancing your problem-solving skills as you combat virtual criminals.
  3. Realistic Graphics: Enjoy stunning graphics that make the crime-fighting experience more realistic and visually appealing.
  4. Varied Missions: Experience a variety of missions, keeping the gameplay dynamic and preventing monotony.
  5. Easy Controls: User-friendly controls ensure a smooth gaming experience, even for those new to mobile gaming.
duterte fighting crime 2 mod apk latest version


  1. In-App Purchases: While the game is free to download, be mindful of in-app purchases that may tempt you during gameplay.
  2. Device Compatibility: Check if your device meets the game’s requirements to avoid potential lags or performance issues.
  3. Internet Dependency: Some features may require an internet connection, limiting accessibility in offline scenarios.
  4. Storage Space: The game may consume a significant amount of storage space on your device, so manage your storage accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 app?

  • Duterte Fighting Crime 2 APK is a mobile game that allows players to engage in virtual crime-fighting adventures, experiencing the thrill of justice on their Android devices.

2. How do I play the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 app?

  • Simply download the game from the app store, install it on your Android device, and follow the on-screen instructions. Use easy controls to navigate and participate in various missions to fight virtual crime.

3. Are there in-app purchases in the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 app?

  • Yes, the game offers in-app purchases for additional features or items. Players should be cautious and manage their spending, as these purchases are optional.

4. Is Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Apk a free game?

  • Yes, the game is free to download and play. However, be aware of optional in-app purchases that can enhance your gaming experience.

5. Are there subscription options in the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Apk?

  • As of the latest version, there are no subscription options. The game operates on a free-to-play model with optional purchases.

6. How can I earn free points in the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Apk?

  • The game may offer opportunities to earn free points through completing missions, achievements, or participating in special events. Keep an eye on in-game announcements for such opportunities.

7. What should I do if the game lags or doesn’t run smoothly?

  • Ensure your device meets the game’s requirements. Clear unnecessary background apps, update the game to the latest version, and consider freeing up storage space to improve performance.

8. Is an internet connection required to play the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Apk?

  • While some features may require an internet connection, the core gameplay can often be enjoyed offline. Check the game settings for more details.

9. Can I play the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Apk on any Android device?

  • The game has specific device requirements. Check the app store or the game’s official website for a list of compatible devices to ensure optimal performance.

10. How often does the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Apk release new missions or updates?

  • The frequency of updates varies, but developers often release new content, missions, and improvements. Stay tuned to the official channels for announcements on the latest updates.


Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Apk delivers an immersive experience, combining action and strategy in the fight against virtual crime. With a user-friendly interface, realistic graphics, and engaging missions, it captivates players young and old. The app has a 4.2-star rating and numerous positive reviews, which reflect its popularity. Surpassing 1 million downloads, it stands testament to its widespread appeal. Developed by Gaming Innovations, this app continues to evolve, introducing fresh content regularly. Join the virtual crusade for justice, explore thrilling missions, and experience top-notch gameplay in Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Apk.

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